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Welcome to Stubbs Domains.  

We specialise in the sales and acquisition of premium e-commerce domain names. Our privately-owned domain portfolio contains some of the best e-commerce domain names currently available in the UK marketplace.   We started registering domains back in 2004 and most of the domains featured in our portfolio have been owned by us for at least 8 years, although we do still purchase domains on a regular basis.  We offer a range of advertising services to our clients with market leading low commission fees. 

The UK is one of the leading e-commerce countries in the western world with online sales of over 90 Billion Pounds in 2013.  There has never been a better time to invest in a premium domain name for your business.  All the domains listed on this website have clear fixed prices, allowing you to make an informed decision right from the start.   We accept various payment methods including the option of paying for your domain over 1-5 years with interest free monthly payments.   We offer a range of services to our clients including the option to list a domain name with an extremely low 3% sales commission. We also offer classified ad parked pages (free from advertising bloat) with 0% sales commission.  Discounts are also available for multiple domains.  All domains can also be interlinked (on request) so that all your domains are visible (with links) to all your other domain listings , increasing your chances of making a sale by cross promotion.

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